Deep Nature Project is one of the leading European manufacturers of organic hemp and vital products with its headquarters in Gols Burgenland and further locations in Austria, Germany, Croatia and Australia. The entrepreneur-managed company produces among other things cannabinoid containing oils and capsules (CBD and CBG) as food supplements, cosmetics, hemp food as well as animal feed supplements, which are based on industrial hemp plant genetics certified in the EU and have a maximum THC content of less than 0.2% and are therefore not psychoactive. Currently eight product groups are clustered in the product brands MEDIHEMP, VETRIHEMP, ALGAVITAL and SATIVA VITAL and divided into 40 products. In the second half of 2020, a complementary organic-certified natural cosmetics line will be launched on the market under the name SATIVA BEAUTY.

The business model also reflects the company’s fully integrated value chain. Different plant genetics are cultivated in Austria, Germany and Croatia in organically certified farming on around 800 hectares. The hemp leaf is extracted and refined in the subsequent process, the seeds are pressed and end products are made from these individual raw materials in various recipes. After filling and packaging, all products are sold centrally under the various product brands.

Deep Nature Project is represented by more than 250 European distribution partners and directly online in 27 European countries. The current main sales markets (90 percent) are Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Italy and the UK; the remaining European countries and international markets such as Japan, Australia, China and South Africa are currently being developed. In addition to the branded products, the organic certified raw materials are also sold to the industry as “bulk”.


The company, which currently has 62 employees, generates annual revenue of EUR 9.2 million, which will rise again to over EUR 13 million in 2020. Founded in 2013, the company has since established itself as an established and certified SME with its own research and development.

Management Team

The management and leadership team is made up of entrepreneurial personalities with an interdisciplinary background.

Andrea Bamacher

Founder, managing director,
CEO, Research & Development (R&D),
cultivation, public affairs

Expert for hemp food and medicinal plants and especially responsible for the development, research and optimization of key processes. Bamacher has a broad knowledge in indoor and field cultivation as well as extraction.  In addition to her operational activities in the resorts, she plays a strategic role for the entire business.

Stephan Dorfmeister

Co-Founder, Managing Director,
CFO, Finance & Services

Member of the Executive Board since 2015. After holding various management positions with companies in the 1990s, he joined Deloitte as an international consultant for strategic financing. After ten years of collaboration, Dorfmeister became self-employed and has been acting as an angel investor and entrepreneur ever since.

Andrea Schröder

Co-Founder, Director of Human Resources,
Quality Management, Processes and
Project Management

Organized marketing in the first years. Her background is organization and IT. As an entrepreneur, Schröder ran her own media and brand agency for many years. Her strengths lie in both strategic positioning and organizational excellence.

Gabriela Dennstedt

Director Production and Procurement

Gabriela Dennstedt was successfully active for many years as managing director and CFO in the automotive industry. Her diverse and intensive experience, knowledge and skills from various industries such as media, real estate management or consulting make Dennstedt an enrichment for DNP.

Matthias Krön

Director Marketing & Sales

Matthias Krön is an expert for strategic sales and marketing in the food sector. Among other things, he founded the second largest European company for soy milk production. In 2013, he founded and managed Donausoja, a fully vertical pan-European association for sustainable GMO-free soy production in Europe.

Corporate Governance

Deep Nature Project is committed to responsible management and control of the company with a focus on long-term value creation, which comprises all business areas. People are at the centre of attention. The trust of all stakeholders, such as employees, investors, business partners, administration, politics, as well as the public and our customers in the management and supervision of the company is to be promoted.

Our vision is to respect nature and use the power of plants to develop high quality products. In addition to sustainability and quality, we see corporate governance as an essential basis for sustainable business success. The management team of Deep Nature Project GmbH is committed to securing the existence of the company through responsible and long-term oriented management and to ensure a sustainable organic certified value chain.

Deep Nature Project bases its corporate governance on the Austrian Corporate Governance Codex.

The current eight certifications play an essential role in the quality standards of Deep Nature Project as a leading European producer of organic hemp and vital products.

organic logo

Austria Bio Garantie AT-Bio-301: The seals are awarded by Austria Bio Garantie. Austria Bio Garantie (ABG) and Austria Bio Garantie – Landwirtschaft (ABG LW) are the leading organic inspection bodies in Austria. Their tasks are the control and certification of organic products from the organic primary product to the final processor. Both companies work on behalf of the food authorities.

International Featured Standard Food (IFS Food) is a standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for certifying the safety and quality of food and production processes.

The Global Food Safety Initiative is a private organisation founded and managed by the international trade association Consumer Goods Forum (Belgian Consumer Goods Forum) in May 2000.

Food GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) are the sector-specific “good manufacturing practices” for food. These practices are the essential operational requirements necessary for a food company such as Deep Nature Project to produce safe food. They cover the methods, equipment, facilities and controls used to produce safe and healthy food.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP): HACCP certification is an international standard setting out requirements for effective control of food safety based on the following seven principles such as conducting a risk analysis of biological, chemical or physical hazards, identifying critical control points, using critical control values such as a minimum temperature and cooking time, developing a system to monitor the control of critical control points, developing corrective actions, developing a process to verify the correct functioning of the HACCP system, and documentation and reporting.

The HACCP standard was designed for the production and handling of food.

The Emerald Test – Potency in Hemp Bud:

The Emerald Test – Potency in Hemp Oil:


The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis and hemp testing facilities. It provides industries with a well-established protocol for tests found in the environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water and petrochemical industries. Through the participation of laboratories around the world, Emerald Test™ helps to establish the industry standard for cannabis and hemp testing.

Government agencies use proficiency testing programs for laboratory accreditation and compliance to promote accurate testing for quality and safety.  Accreditation bodies, including ANAB, A2LA, IAS and PJLA, recognize well-organized ILC/PT programs that use ISO/IEC 17043 accredited providers to meet the requirement to participate in external proficiency testing.

Deep Nature Project is involved in various organisations and associations, such as the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), the Austrian Industrial Association (iV), association of medium-sized European manufacturers and distributors of food supplements and health products. (NEM e.V.), the cosmetics association ICADA and the GlobeCann Federation.