On the bond side, a so-called Crowdinvestment campaign will take place in 2020 via the platform of Conda, which will enable private investors in particular to participate in the success of Deep Nature Project and the growth market of hemp. The pre-campaign starts on 12.05.2020 and ends on 26.05.2020 with the actual start of the campaign, which will take about 6-8 weeks.

Interested parties can already start with an amount of EUR 100, whereby the interest rate is 6% per year on the invested capital. The term is 5 years and the so-called subordinated loan will be repaid in 8 equally high semi-annual instalments, on 30.6 and 31.12, starting on 30.06.2022. The interest is also paid semi-annually on 30.6. and 31.12. In addition to the fixed interest rate of 6%, there is also a so-called bonus interest rate, which is based on the company’s turnover, so that the investor can also participate in the success of Deep Nature Project.

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