Questions of our stakeholders, especially our existing and/or future investors, are important to us. We have collected some frequently asked questions here (FAQs) for easy answers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

What does Deep Nature Project do?

The company produces and distributes organic certified hemp food and food supplements, animal feed supplements and natural cosmetics under its own product brands and for industry. The company controls all stages along the value chain and also carries out research & development (R&D).

How can I invest?

Interested parties can participate in the corporate success of DNP either through a partial subordinated loan as a crowd investor or through other debt instruments (bond) on request.

What are the collected funds used for?

The capital raised through Crowdinvestment will be used for the development of CBD combination products and for research into their efficacy on humans and evidence in food safety. Additional funds raised will be used to finance further growth.

Where can I find further information?

www.conda.at or per email request under invest@deep-nature.at